We see a world where the street hawker in Zambia, the small business owner in San Francisco and the retail giant in New York each promotes their unique brands, sells their wares and engages with their clientele effectively. We see a world where every merchant thrives with in-store, web and mobile commerce. Why not? Isn't most of the world online and well connected? All it takes to connect with a purpose.

To this end, our vision is to enable merchants and customers across the globe engage with each other at the time of payment and thereafter so they can build long term relationships easily using email, text, social and voice technologies.

Starting With Transactional Messages

The Transactional Email Report by Experian reveals that transactional messages, such as payment confirmation emails, result in higher customer engagement. Why? Because customers are very eager to receive and open emails that confirm their purchase. On successfully receiving them, customers develop trust with the merchant which typically leads to greater customer loyalty and repeat sales.

The study also shows that a very small number of merchants take advantage of of the opportunity presented by sending confirmation emails. Why? Making it all work using technology is challenging for most merchants. Among those merchants that do send confirmation emails, many send boring, lack-lusture and impersonal confirmation emails. Do you think the merchant is building a good image of himself in the minds of the buyer? Does the message convey care or gratitude?

And among those merchants that do send confirmation and other transactional messages, many have their IT department, rather than the marketing department, send out these messages. Have you ever wondered why many of the transactional messages are simply rude, impersonal and boring?

simplyFYI Unleashes the Power of Transactional Messages

We know that many merchants like yourself do not have an IT department and have no time to tinker with hardware and code. simplyFYI™ Communications has solved these problems for you. We have made it really easy for your business to engage with customers effectively using transactional messaging. Whether you sell via the web or mobile channels, we have you covered.

A Focus on PayPal Merchants

PayPal commands 20% of the US e-commerce market. Thousands of merchants around the world depend on PayPal to conduct e-commerce and m-commerce. simplyFYI is focussed on helping PayPal merchants increase sales and customer loyalty using the power of transactional messages. We are not yet another email marketing platform recommending band-aid solutions to PayPal merchants for customer communications.

Here's why simplyFYI is great for PayPal merchants:

  • - we built simplyFYI™ with PayPal merchants in mind; we are one ourselves.
  • - we made simplyFYI super-easy to use
  • - we make it easy to engage with customers and donors everytime customers click PayPal buttons.
  • - we make it easy for merchants and customers to enagage using branded and personalized email, text, voice and social channels.
  • - simplyFYI™ is very affordable.