3¢ / message

The pricing model is "pay-as-you-go" which works like a pre-paid phone card.

You buy credits known as simplyFYI™ UNITS. 1 UNIT = 1 ¢.

Every time a message is processed by simplyFYI, 3 simplyFYI™ UNITs are deducted from your account.

Purchase simplyFYI™ UNITS Anytime

You can replenish your account by buying simplyFYI™ UNITS anytime. simplyFYI™ UNITS purchased through the "pay-as-you-go" model do not expire unless stated otherwise at the time of purchase.

Auto-Pay available for your convenience

You can automate future purchase of simplyFYI™ UNITS by signing up for Auto Payments. It's FREE!

Whenever your simplyFYI UNITS balance goes below 300 UNITS, we will automatically purchase additional UNITS on your behalf and bill your PayPal account. You can choose the quantity of additional UNITS that you want purchased automatically.

Sign up for automatic payments and be sure that you always have enough UNITS to send out your messages.