Lesson: Activate and test a FYI for "Add to cart" button

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simplyFYI gives you the flexibility to change the confirmation message that you send. This is very useful to send messages that are appropriate for, say, a specific holiday season. Or you may want to change the message to promote a popular product. Whatever it is, you can do it with simplyFYI.

This lesson shows how to choose and test a FYI that you have available or created for your PayPal shopping cart.


1- Click Manage Account Menu

Go to Control Panel. Click Manage Account.

Step 1

2- Click PayPal Settings > payment Actions > Shopping Cart

Step 2

3- Select Notification Handler

  1. Select the Notification FYI you want to use.

  2. When you are ready to go live with your custom confirmation emails, check "Process live payments from PayPal".
    Note: If you uncheck this option, simplyFYI will stop processing live payment notifications frpom PayPal.

  3. "Select message flow mode" provides 2 options to work with live data:

    1. PRODUCTION TEST MODE - Choosing this will redirect all live confirmation emails to you. This is a great way to test out your confirmation emails with live data.
    2. PRODUCTION MODE - When you are satisfied with PRODUCTION TEST, choose PRODUCTION. This will then send confirmation emails to payers.

Step 3