Using A Custom "From" Email Address

Modifying the SPF Record

simplyFYI can send emails with your own "from" address which could be something like "".

To make that happen, you have to contact your web hosting company or a qualified network systems administrator to modify what is called an Sender Policy Framework or SPF Record. It is a simple process and would take them just a few minutes.

Provide the following information to your hosting company and ask them to modify your domain's SPF Record to include as shown below:

- If you have an SPF record set for your root domain (i.e., you must add before the -all mechanism.
- If you do not have an SPF record for your domain you must create a TXT record with the value: v=spf1 a ~all

It can typically take between 24 to 48 hours for the settings to propogae across domain name servers around the world.

To test if the settings have been propogated, open a browser and enter the following URL: (Note: replace with the actual name of your domain).

You should see a list of domain servers around the world showing the settings for your domain.

Once you have verified your settings, send us an email at stating that you have modfied the SPF record and specify the 'from" email address that you'd like to use (eg. ""). We will enable your new custom email address and let you know. Right after that, you will be able to use your custom email address as the sender email address.

Not all hosting companies support the modification of SPF Records. If they are unable to do this, then we can set you up with an email address like "" as an alternative.

Also know that the domain name that you want to use should be your own domain. You cannot use third party domain names such as "", "" or "" as your "from" email address with simplyFYI.

You can learn more about SPF at